Electric Trainer

Keep in mind this is my first design and my first attempt to fly in 16 years.



Wingspan:            48"

Weight:                3 lbs 14 oz (Ready to Fly)

Batteries:              8 cell Ni-Cad 2400 mah

Motor:                  Model Electronics Corp.  Turbo 10 GT with 6:1 gearing

Radio gear:           JR R610M receiver

                             2 JR NES421 Servos (Elevator and Rudder)

                             2 Hitec HS-55 Servos (Ailerons mounted in the wing)

Speed Controller:  Griffin 40

Propeller:              13x7.5 folding prop

Tricycle gear (I need to find a lighter solution)


My first flights lasted 6 minutes on the charge at full throttle.

I built the plane out of 2 Mil Coraplast. I used two layers glued together with the Flutes of the plastic going in opposite directions in the areas that needed more strength (Tail feathers, Ailerons and the center of the fuselage). I used a plastic electrical box to make the motor mount and secure the nose gear and vertical stabilizer. 

I can not believe how easy it is to fly!!!! It takes off in just a few feet and climbs at a pretty good rate. I can't wait to get a 10 cell 3000 mah battery pack! My first landing I flipped it. Set it back on its wheels and took off. The second landing was rough and broke the nose gear because I had used balsa to hold the nose gear (oh well live and learn). I replaced the balsa with plastic and took off again. I then cart wheeled on landing. OK my landing suck!! but the plane had no damage and got right back in the air (try to do that with a foam or balsa plane).

Here's some rough drawing of it remember these are not to scale! 

Click here for pictures.


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