My try at a electric SPAD Spitfire.


Wingspan:            48"


Batteries:              8 cell Ni-Cad 2400 mah

Motor:                  Model Electronics Corp.  Turbo 10 GT with 6:1 gearing

Radio gear:           JR R610M receiver

                             1 JR NES421 Servo (Elevator)

                             1 Hitec HS-55 Servo (Ailerons)

Speed Controller:  Griffin 40

Propeller:              13x7.5 folding prop



I am still building  so I can not give the weight yet. I am trying to keep it at or below 3lbs. So no landing gear or Rudder! Looks like belly sliding for me. I am trying to find the lightest set of retracts possible. It has taken me to nights to build it so far but it should have only taken 1 night but I messed up the fuselage and had to redo it. 

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