Ruth Ohlson



This is the woman that we think is Richard Foster's mom.

The story as I know it is:

My grandfather Ray Foster was working as a farm hand on the Ohlson farm in Warren PA when he fell in love with a married woman named Ruth Ohlson. She had children ( I believe 3) of which my great aunt Elsie would watch once in a while so that Ray and Ruth could go out. Ruth's husband was away working in another state ( Elsie thought New Jersey). Well December 23, 1935 my dad (Richard) was born and Ruth's husband gave her the choice of give up the baby and move the family to where he is working or give up the family and stay in Warren PA. So she left my dad with my grandfather and moved with her family. My brother said that one person thought Ruth might have been a Sunday school teacher and possibly of native American decent. In my brothers research he could only find one Ruth Ohlson (he checked different spellings too) in Warren PA in that time frame and that school yearbooks showed a Robert Ohlson (I think that was his name) in the 1935-36 but not in the 1936-37 one so it fits with the story of the family moving away. 

My dad never tried to locate her because my Grandfather asked him not to stir emotions that might cause grief to Ruth so my dad never did. My mom asked the same thing of me but since I found out about this a few years back I have wanted to know about her and where she came from. The issue was pushed a little harder when my kids started asking me about her for their projects at school on our family tree.

So if you have any information that could help e-mail me please. I don't want money or anything but knowledge. I am willing to do DNA tests or what ever to find out the truth. Everyone in my family that could help in this has passed away so all I got is a story that I would love to make in to facts.




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