The 1930 Studebaker


I had this when I lived in Tacoma Washington. I bought it in Gig Harbor and towed it home. I took the body off. Sandblasted the frame and body. Primed and painted the frame and primed the body. I searched for months all over the northwest for a grill and hood. found a hood at the Portland Oregon swap meet and found a grill near Billings Montana. The grill was from a 28 but it was real close to what the 30 looked like. The body had a bad job done on a rear side window and top fill so I had to repair those. The red interior was complete minus the headliner and carpet. I had the trunk that mounted on the back. I had just got a mustang 2 front end steering column and some gauges when I got laid off and found a job in Alaska. I could not take it with me so I dropped the body back on the frame and sold it. I sure would have liked to finished it I think it was going to be a nice looking ride.

If anyone has info on the car I would like to see pictures.


Here are a few pictures.

The Studebaker Interior On the trailer
Checking clearance End of the driveway Side of it on the table
Side of it on the table2 On the table front Frame1
Frame2 Me and the car On the table front



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