The Tri-Magnum


I bought the started project from a Bill in Virginia. It had the frame built with the Volkswagen front end attached and a Yamaha Venture as the motorcycle donor. 

Getting it transported to here was a hassle. I hired a transport company to do it but they kept delaying the pick up of it, and after a couple months and at least 4 promised pick up dates, Bill found a local guy who would bring it to me for cheaper. 

When it got here I saw a few changes to the frame that I believe would have made it uncomfortable to me. So with a little work I extended the frame to angle the mast to match the plans and extended it up ward to create more head room (I'm 6'1" and when I sat in the original Tri-Magnum the canopy slammed my head while closing and I could not sit up straight in it with the canopy closed).

 Since I changed the roof height I had to change all of the bulkhead dimensions. The bulkheads took a while to get the flow of the body lines to look good and a lot of scrape plywood! 

Now I am getting the Foam and fiberglass to start the body. 


Stay tuned! 

I will try to update this page as I go.

But remember it may go slow as I have a big family and they come first.


Here are some changes I am planning to make to the plans

1. Electric motor for the headlights

2. Heater 

3. Air vents

4. Removable gull wing doors

5. Storage area in the engine compartment 


If anyone can help me with the following problems it would be greatly appreciated

1. The Volkswagen front end used has disc brakes and I don't know how to make an emergency brake

2. A good way to make it back up



Here are a few pictures.


The Back Drivers side Passenger side



If you have comments or suggestions email me at


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