The Trimuter

I am bought this from a guy here in Kansas. I got a good deal on it because of the damage to it. He said a tree fell on it but it looks more like a roll over. It runs and drives good and with the 25 horse motor it scoots along pretty good. he said it will do between 60 and 70. I have had it up to about 30 around the neighborhood. I took each kid for a ride and about the 3rd time around the neighborhood people stopped working in their yards to stop me to ask questions about it.

I have removed what was left of the top and started to make a new canopy but did not like the way it was turning out so I canned it. I got a 1950 International pickup and started that so now it just sits in the garage waiting its turn.


Here is what's wrong with it

1. The top is broke off and the windshield is broke out

2. Headlight mechanism to raise and lower the headlight

3. A lot of fiberglass patching 

4. Stereo

5. I need to figure out a reverse


Stay tuned! 

I will try to update this page as I go.

But remember it may go slow as I have a big family and they come first.


Here are a few pictures.

Back The broke off top The Dash
With the canopy open Headlight up The interior front
The interior back The motor The front
Passenger side Passenger side 2 Before the damage
Rolled Trimuter1 Rolled Trimuter2 Before the crash



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