I love to fly, but I don't get to very much.

I got a ride on a B-17 out of Tacoma Narrows Airport once.

That was the flight I dreamed about so here's some pictures.


B-17 Top turrent back

B-17 bomb/nosegunner right

B-17 Starting

B-17 nose

B-17 Low fly by

B-17 Nose right

B-17 turrent right

B-17 Boarding

B-17 turrent front

B-17 waist left

B-17 nose front

B-17 Turrent Left

B-17 Me in the nose

B-17 Pre Board

B-17 Out the upper hatch back

B-17 Behind the pilot left

B-17 Ground roll

B-17 Turrent right

B-17 pilot

B-17 Waist left

B-17 bomb/nose left


Here's some pictures of flying in Alaska.

These are of a glacier just outside of Anchorage.










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