The 1951 Chevy


This is a 51 Chevy 4 door sedan. Gary Powell (my ex-father in law) and I built it for him over ten years ago. When he decided he wasn't driving it very much he sold it to me. This was the hardest car for me to sell because of all the memories of building it. I wish I could have kept it, but the family is more important and we needed the money. I will always remember the good times we shared building it. Hopefully the kid who bought it will take care of it.

We shaved the door handles, de-chromed, lowered, split the manifold, molded in the grill, recessed the license plates in to the bumpers, smoothed the dash, put in bucket seats in both front and back, made a center console that closed to hide the stereo and switches, put magnetic switches in the custom door post recesses to open the front doors, Bobbed the bumpers and pulled them in closer to the body, extended the front fenders down in front and flush mounted the headlights, tail lights, and antennae.


Here are a few pictures.

Back closeup back pass 2 Back Pass
center console closed center console open door closeup
door open seats doors open drivers seat
drivers side engine drivers side engine Pass side
Front Driverside Front Pass side 2 Front pass side
grill closeup grill damage grill
inside door damage inside front pass inside rear shot
inside trunk Pass side rear shot
side shot doors open steering wheel upclose pass side view
front seat front shot full side view



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