The Wedding


We got married December 30th 1997 at Cupid's Helper in Tacoma Washington.

 This day could not have been possible if it was not for my MOM.

She let us use her shop to hold the wedding, she made the flower arrangements,

made the cake, supplied the tuxes and dresses.


Since the wedding she has moved and will be opening Cupids Helper in Michigan.

E-mail me and I will get you the address and phone number.


Here are a few pictures.

At the alter

The cake

Eating cake

Cari and her dad

Cutting the cake

My beautiful bride

Cari looking at her ring

Walking back

On the porch

My mom helping me

Holding hands

Reading the prayer

Helping Daniel

Jordan and Rebecca

The Unity candle

Putting on my ring

Cari and Jordan

Cari and Rebecca


Cari's mom and the girls

Looking at the rings

Saying the vows

Some of the food

Lighting the unity candle



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